Questions About Writing

Here are some questions I’ve received about writing.

Q: What do you do to overcome writer’s block?

A: I let go of what I want. I let go, releasing my expectations of what should be written. Sometimes that act alone frees up my block. If I’m having particular trouble, I will write: I cannot write anything. I write this until something else comes out of my fingers (or pen). It’s a powerful tool to help flow. Sometimes I have to sit back and not write, or work on another project/story/poem. I listen to my characters to see if I’m even attempting the right story!

Q: Why does it hurt?

A: It shouldn’t hurt, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable. That means you are pushing your comfort boundaries and growing as writer. Good stuff!. Or it means you are typing on needles. In that case, try a new keyboard. 😉


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