Teaser Tuesday 5/17

Here is another short teaser from The Balance. This particular chunk is set in Chapter 4:

The grand library’s quiet seemed too silent. Celeste could only read small bits of the book in front of her before being assaulted by various creaks, groans, and shuffling feet. The uncomfortable chair dug into her back, and the table sat too high off the ground. Dim light barely reached here, and she did not wish to go creating glowing objects just for her. She pocketed the book, and strode out of the dusty place, past several other students. She did not wish to be in the dormitory as she knew Melandre and Beranne struggled with their magic and she had no idea what to do to make it easier for them. Not that she really could do anything.

The sun’s bright rays pierced her eyes as she stepped onto the covered walkway. She leaned against the railing breathing in the heady scent of the flowers in the small courtyard. She had nothing much to do except read this awful history, and she had nowhere peaceful to sit and read.

She sat on a nearby bench and rested her back against the stone column, the cool touch refreshing. A breeze blew her hair from her face, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the fresh air touched with brine. She could not remember the ocean or what it looked like, though she’d been told she would see it one day soon. Heels clicked on the stone and doors creaked open, slammed shut, the sounds of living invading her private moment. Was there nothing but people everywhere? Could she not free herself from this slavery of noises and crowds?


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