Pushing the Boundaries

As writers we have a complete freedom to write whatever we want to. We can embellish true life, take on true life, write about make believe people, anything. But a lot of writers don’t push their boundaries.

I’m one of those that doesn’t like to push my own boundaries as a writer. I recently wrote something very uncharacteristic, but I think it helped me as a writer. Often we don’t write about sexual experiences or expereinces that can be deemed ‘too personal.’ And that is exactly where we should go as writers. It doesn’t need to be pornographic or erotic, but we should feel free to write some small details of sexual experience.

Another we writers don’t like is murders: writing from the perspective of those who kill, perhaps, for pleasure. Pushing that boundary is an excellent way of becoming a better writer. I have a few prompts coming up that will push the boundaries. I welcome you to participate.


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