Teaser Tuesday- Chapter 5

Here is another sample from The Balance, Chapter 5. Again this is still a WIP and hasn’t been edited at all. But nevertheless I hope you enjoy!

Dayde took her hand, and she emerged from the courtyard, facing south. The avenue leading to complex stretched in front of her. There were not many people on the street. Celeste felt strange with all the stone work around them.

“This is the Terra. We’re in the area that once was home of the royal palace, before we took this island. The Dawn House is just down that way.” He pointed to his left. “Most of the people who live in this area are merchants or craftsmen.”

He half pulled her along. She stared at everything, trying not to look a fool. She had never been in the city though she could usually hear it’s hustle and bustle. Most of the buildings were made from wood, but stone buildings peppered the area.

“What is this strange smell?” She could not identify everything in this area.

He chuckled. “Mor’Tok sewers. Hand carts of foods. Unwashed bodies.”

She wrinkled her nose. An ocean breeze cleared the air for a moment. A woman cried out about her ribbons and trinkets. “Nice for the young lady,” she called out, shaking her tray at Dayde. He raised a hand to indicate he was not interested.


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