Teaser Tuesday: The Balance

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any teasers. Like almost a year! Anyway, I think I’ll share a tiny bit of my current WIP with the tentative title of The Balance (awful name, yes).  This is part of a scene from Chapter 2. Enjoy!

Sounds clattered and jumped around Denornen, the overpowering smell of day old sweat mixed with pungent cooking. He ate slowly, his legs a touch tired after two days of a quite brisk pace. Yordin and Emalia set a hard, fast pace. Shileigha had been a trooper.

They all sat around the inn, separated from the rest of the crowd by virtue of their foreignness. They did not live here in Goseppe. Farmers and millers talked about crops, while wives gossiped behind backs. A smokey haze lingered over the room, and Denornen’s eyes felt dry and tired.

The group was usually silent, with nothing much to say to each other. Shileigha and Denornen had attempted quiet conversation the first night, but tonight they were both too tired.

Denornen would have felt out of place, except for Yordin. The man did not say much, but his presence lent the small group a sense of authority and maleness, that Denornen himself could not have accomplished. Not many would bother them anyways, with the colors they all wore, emblazoned with the Emperor’s seal. Guardians and Glories were not very difficult to spot.


One thought on “Teaser Tuesday: The Balance

  1. Very nicely done. I loved the descriptive terms you used. It made it very easy to picture. It was very eloquently written but very easy to read. I like that in a story, when the words just flow. I would definitely love to read more. : )

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