Friday Prompt 4/1

Welcome to week four. Please share/tweet/RT/etc and post a comment if you are participating. If you want to share, you can! Just post it in the comments, or send me an e-mail or mention on twitter.

This week’s prompt: In honor of April Fools Days, write the worst scene/story you possible can. Make the dialogue obviously state what’s going on, the setting flat or non-exsistant, stereotype, switch POV, etc. Play with it and have fun. Then share with your writer friends and you will get a big laugh.

Here are the rules:

  • 1000 words or less (don’t want to spend too much time, now do ya?)
  • Must follow/incorporate prompt/idea into the story.
  • You have the week to write!

3 thoughts on “Friday Prompt 4/1

    • She stood there, obviously, saying, “My god Henry, are you really eating all that food?” As he shoveled food in his face.

      “Yes, Marianne, I am going to eat all this food,” he said, wistfully.

      Joe wondered what might happen next. “Marianne, how do you speak to this man about his food habits. He’s a man who needs to eat,” he moaned awfully.

      “I’m going to walk over there and hit you both,” Marianne shouted, walking over there and hitting them both hurtfully.

      Henry felt bruised and menacingly growled at the woman, “You dare to do such a thing? I WILL HIT YOU!!” And he did, carrying out his words, and sent her flying across the room.

      “My Henry! How you hit her across the room! She can see us doing these things you know,” he purred miserably into Henry’s ear.

      Marianne stood up, brushing off her clothes hurriedly, and replied forcefully, “I’m leaving through that door, and I’m not going to come back after the treatment you just gave me hitting me across the room like that!” Inside she cringed nuancedly, and left.

      Both men cried into each other arms about Marianne; and they felt badly.

  1. Here’s me entry for the scene challenge.

    The sea was blue. The sea was always blue. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a different coloured sea once in a while, perhaps green or red.
    The sky was blue as well sometimes it was grey but today it was blue, perhaps it was reflecting the blueness off the sea or perhaps it was the other way round.
    The grass however was green, apart from the corn flowers, they were blue but they were not really grass but they were growing in it.
    Between the sea and the grass was the sand, white unblemished sand, the product of parrot fish gnawing over eons of coral and shitting out the little specks of silicon dioxide. In the middle of the sand was a solitary rock, home to a single and very lonely crab…

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