Friday Prompt 3/4

So I thought I’d start offering writing prompts, from various sources around the ‘net and possibly from clutter of my mind. The idea is simple: get you writing something (and possibly me too). I love prompts because its gets ideas moving and the words flowing on the page.

Here are the rules:

  • 1000 words or less (don’t want to spend too much time, now do ya?)
  • Must follow/incorporate prompt/idea into the story.
  • You have the weekend to write!

If you’d like, you can post a comment with your prompt response, or submit a link to your blog. Please tell me if you like the idea, and if you are participating (tweeting this would be excellent)!

This week’s prompt: Take any character you have and throw them into an entirely unfamiliar setting. What do they see? What do they do first? You can include new characters for them to talk to (this can be the same world or a new world).


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