Finished Chapter 2!

Last post I talked about starting a new project, which I’ve given the working title The Balance. I have the prologue, and the first and second chapters written so far bringing my word count to 17k which is something to be very happy about. The writing did not go as well this time around, and I think that I need to slow down and spend more time with each scene. I tend to rush my writing, hurrying to get to some vague point, but if I take my time, I get a cleaner draft, and better results. The story is taking some nice turns that I didn’t quite think it would, but does not every story surprise the writer? I do not bring recalcitrant characters back into line! They get too upset and throw fits at me.

Next writings begin on Chapter 3, where a huge transformation occurs with the main character. This will be the biggest step forward, and perhaps the hardest part for the reader to stay connected. Of course, I laid ground work to make sure they do, but the process of beta-reading and editing will ensure the success.

Happy Writing.


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