NaNoWriMo, Birthdays, Holidays, and Graduate Study

So, National Novel Writing Month did not happen for me. Well, it happened, but I got two short stories instead. I think that two short stories is better than none, so I’ll take it and run! I started work on two other stories, but ultimately I don’t think anything will come of them right now. November tends to be a very busy month for me, socially at least. My birthday and Thanksgiving happen within a week of each other most years, and that cuts out about a week of writing time (as I chose to socialize for my birthday and visit with family). I’m still proud of myself that I wrote two stories! That’s two more than before, and it isn’t that I don’t write the rest of the year as I do. I realized that I can’t set up ‘lofty’ goals. My max limit per day is usually 500-1000 words. Per week is a bit less, though perhaps I should at least try to write everyday.

November and December are the Big Holiday months, and of course the end of the year, AND the application deadlines for lots of schools (okay, not all, but January 1is a holiday which means I need to have these apps done in December). With all this going on, I’m surprised I even got any writing done! Of course, financial stress tends to dampen the creativity bug, and I hope I have enough to survive through the beginning of the year (and pay for application fees). Hopefully people will by all the things I’m selling on Ebay.

I will find out in March/April which schools I get into and which ones I do not. Please send positive thoughts/prayers/vibes my way. It’s very stressful and lots of things can go wrong. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your time with friends and family. Writing is important, but it doesn’t beat time with loved ones!