30 Days of Writing-Day Eighteen

18. Favorite antagonist and why!

My favorite ‘bad guy,’ eh? This is really tough. I try not to have bad guys in my stories. There is nothing so cliché as good and evil. I think of my antagonists as protagonists, at least from their point of view. I feel that I should be able to tell their story and have the same events happen.

I’m going to have to say Cameron from my short story (sent out for publication) because he really is a protagonist if told from his POV. However, he directly opposes what my protagonist, Edward, wants: him. Cameron is not gay, and doesn’t like Edward in that way at all. I like how he is such a tease, but really, he’s the sweetest guy you could have reject you (if you’re a guy and happen to be his best friend). He is the obstacle in the story, and at the end of the story we see Edward shift away from his desire, making Cameron no longer the antagonist.


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