30 Days of Writing-Day Thirteen

13. What’s your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?

I really love writing in my fantasy cultures. Though they draw a lot on “real” cultures, I can shape them how I want. I think my favorite culture ever to write in was an RPG I GM’d for with my brother. Sadly it didn’t last or work out, but it was based primarily on the Faith of the Sky, a religion I’d created that shaped the culture. And now I want to write in it again! Creating my cultures to use for stories is wonderful because I can play with elements of art, story, gender, relationships, family, everything.

If I’m not writing fantasy, I generally use American culture, as that is the culture I’m most familiar with. Of course in America, there are subsets of culture, and that can be as intriguing as making up a new one. I’ve written west coast (California) and southwestern, and even northeastern culture. I’ve been to those areas for extended periods of time and they are so different from each other, yet tied together.


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