30 Days of Writing-Day Eight

8. What’s your favorite genre to write? To read?

I’ll answer the second question first. I love to read fantasy. That is my favorite major genre hands down. My favorite of favorites? Fantasy mystery with gay main characters. I read one story like that, and I fell in love. My second favorite, then should be easy: Fantasy mystery (Daniel Hood, A Familiar Dragon). Strangely, or perhaps not, I’m not a huge, huge fan of just straight mystery. Though I do have a few books I’d like to read in that genre.

But I’m not a one genre person. I also like reading Science Fiction and Literary Fiction. SF is like fantasy for me, takes me to a different world. 🙂 LF is for me to (hopefully) pick up some skill: from Alice Munro to Jhumpa Lahiri—amazing, amazing, amazing writers.

In non-fiction, I tend to read histories. I have no idea why, but I love learning about the past. Mostly the distant ancient past, but sometimes the nearer past is interesting to read about. I occasionally read books on writing (though not many—Mark David Gerson’s Voice of the Muse is excellent), and magazine or news articles, but in general my reading of non-fiction stays in the realms of history.

Now, for my favorite genre to write? Literary Fiction short stories. I am absolutely atrocious at writing longer works. Remember my last posts? Yes, 5 years and I only have 42k words. I like stories I can write in a couple days. I do like writing short fantasy, but that is incredibly difficult because of mechanics and such. I’m not experience enough (IMHO) to tackle short fantasy in an elegant way. I find it very interesting that writers of short stories are still considered ‘less’ than our novel length peers.


One thought on “30 Days of Writing-Day Eight

  1. Great entry! I’m always on the lookout for novel-length works with non-heteronormative main characters, and the pool is disappointingly small. Here’s hoping we can both contribute. 🙂

    I admire skilled short-story writers. Occasionally I churn one out, but my stories almost always want to be novel-length.

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