Why I Exercise as a Writer

If you follow me on twitter (@snowppl) you’ll notice I go to the gym frequently. I’ll tell you why. Warning: This post may contain beliefs you may not hold true.

As a human, biologically, our brains are part of us. It sounds silly, but I believe we think with our entire body. As a writers, I know it is important to be able to feel every sensation across our bodies, and be able to have a full range of senses to tap into. If we are in shape, we are more in touch with our bodies, and thus more in tune with our minds. In short, exercise is important to writing.

I may have writers and authors say, “That doesn’t leave you with much time for writing.” No, it cuts down on time for writing. I know, and it cuts down on other things. Health is more important than writing, in my mind. I do write, and admittedly, I should write more, though we always make time for what we want to do.

Exercise can become out of control, and for me it hasn’t had that effect yet. I think I’ve been more productive a writer since starting to work out, than I was ever before. I’m developing habits of writing, and habits of exercise. I hope that they will stick, because they are tied together.


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