30 Days of Writing-Day Seven

Can you believe it’s been one week already? I still have 23 days left, but hey, one week of daily posting has to count for something, right? On to today’s question.

7. Do you listen to music while you write? What kind? Are there any songs you like to relate/apply to your characters?

It really depends on my mood, how caffeinated I am (too much means no music), what I’m writing about, and what I’m listening to. Sometimes, I prefer complete silence, and those are usually scenes when I need to ‘physically’ be there (meaning I have to imagine the scene).

I like listening to Celtic or instrumental music when I’m writing fantasy.For my general fiction stories, I play contemporary music, depending on the mood I’m going for. Right now I’m listening to music from Spider Man 1 & 2 as I really like the songs, but I’m blogging. 🙂 Almost all the music I listen to, I don’t need to hear the lyrics b/c I’ve already memorized them, for the most part. If I can fall asleep to the music, I can write to it. Sometimes any music is an irritant and I have to write without it.

As for certain songs for characters, I don’t have specific songs that are my characters. I usually pick music based on the emotions they are feeling, that way I have an easier time for portraying their thoughts and feelings in the moment. For example, hard rock and screaming would be great for anger, soft music for peaceful moods, etc.

For other tasks, like cooking, cleaning, etc. I have to have music playing. It helps motivate me to actually get things done by distracting my brain from what I am doing. Writing is a whole different monster!


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