30 Days of Writing- Day Four

4. Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!

Oh goodness! I’ll talk about Alternate Worlds, my first attempt at writing when I was in the 8th grade. I’ve actually talked about this before on my blog. You can go ahead and read that post here. Reading the story, I get a sense of who I was at the time. It was truly awful writing, but as a first attempt, I think I did pretty well. Only in most recent stories have I felt that I’ve been writing well.

I won’t talk more about my first story anymore as I have a lengthy post on it already, so I’ll talk about one of my first characters that stood out to me (and I may have to work on the story again). One of the first real characters I had envisioned well was Celena. I knew her very well, I knew what she looked like, I knew her personality and I knew how she ticked and why. I suppose she was my breakthrough character. I believe she lived in the second world I ever created. Anyway, Celena appeared thus, with milk-white skin, robust, shiny black hair, and knowing rose-colored eyes. I liked her so much I cut her out of the story and placed her in another. Then a new character grew out of the cutting, and replaced her, so I have the original to use in that story. The new character is in my Heir of Illuminations book.

I’m not entirely sure of  the age of all my writing I have, because computers tend to forget the age or re-write it. I have tons of 3.5 disks I’d love to go through, but don’t have a reader for them as of this time. I am very peculiar in that I keep everything I’ve written if it is possible. I know, however, Alternate Worlds is my very first attempt at writing a fantasy novel.


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