First Ever Teaser

The following excerpt is from my WIP, The Heir of Illuminations. This is part of the first chapter. I hope you all enjoy the teaser!

The six sinuous shapes retreated around the garden, careful not to double back on their path, avoiding the path they had taken earlier, watching ever so careful the path ahead. The late hour, the darkness, covered them more than necessary. Upon reaching the hills, one turned back and looked at the sleeping Vale. Never before had they had less time, never before had the mission been successful.

The silhouettes faded into one large darker darkness. The hills faded behind the soft purr of the vessel, they rose and rose, watching the land fall away below. Oh yes, they would have him in time. They would have them all in time. Smiling as the land shrunk, he knew he had performed well. The shapes became bathed in soft light after a moment, the darkness falling from their skins, revealing what the world had not seen for Ages. The Ones That Had Been Cast Away.


8 thoughts on “First Ever Teaser

  1. I was wondering whether it was set in the past, too, based on the excerpt. Very interesting illustration you’ve painted in just two little paragraphs.

    And you have a point about the teaser bit. My Teaser Tuesday excerpt was…uh, kind of 1000 words long (for shame!).


  2. Hi! Thought I’d leave a comment here too. I like it better when readers leave them on my blog more than just a @reply.

    Your excerpt was evocative and poetic. I liked it a lot and am curious about who and what these creatures are, so you’ve also created some mystery there.

    My teasers have been longer than the future ones will be, too. I’m only planning to post Chapter 8 – 10, so I want to ration what’s left, LOL. After that, I guess I’ll have to get busy writing the next book so I can post teasers from it.

    See you next week at #teasertuesday?

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