Teaser Tuesday

Here is a teaser from another Work In Progress The Tribe of Four Winters. Right now there isn’t a whole lot of development to the story as I’m trying to get some other WIPs settled down first. This is the second scene from the first chapter.

A small sound broke him out of his reverie. He looked up at the entrance to his hut. A shadow fell on the entranceway. Not many were bold enough to enter uninvited. Those who were usually had urgent business.
“Come,” Atharex said.
The figure outside shifted slightly before deciding to enter. He knew who it was the moment he was aware of someone outside. Ryghan entered, a little hesitantly. He was tall, almost unnervingly so, and all thick muscle. He looked like a young version of the Chief. He was set off however by the eyes of his mother. She had the eyes of the gods. Brilliant turquoise.
Atharex remained seated.
“What is your reason for coming?” he asked.
“Athar,” he started.
Atharex thought of chastising his old childhood friend about the name, but decided not too. He was someone Atharex could always count on, and besides would be the new Body soon.
“Yes, old friend?”
“I came to invite you on our hunt,” he said, a little rushed, his eyes not meeting his own.
“Who would attend my duties to the people were I to hunt with you?” Atharex said quietly.
“Your presence would lend us all a successful hunt.”
“I can pray to the gods from here just as well.”
“I would like you to come.”
“And you know I would, were I not needed so much. But it is my duty to be here with our people. I cannot leave them without my protection. You can protect yourself. Your hunters can protect themselves. The women and children cannot.”
“I understand.” Ryghan paused for a moment. “My father is almost Set, is he not?”
“He will not last the winter. I am sorry, Ry.”
“It is the will of the gods,” he said, eyes searching the roof of the hut.
“I shall pray for your safe return, and a successful hunt.” Atharex stood, unfolding his legs gracefully. He stood shorter than Ryghan, but not much so.
“We leave before day break,” he said. “I must prepare. Is it selfish of me to wish our roles on others to live as we pleased?”
“Perhaps, perhaps not. May the gods watch over us,” Atharex whispered, embracing his friend tightly in answer, stopping short of increased affection that would lead him to make a foolish choice. “I pray every moment for your safe return.”
With that Ryghan left.
Atharex sat on the floor again, the various thick hides an ever-present reminder of Ryghan’s affections, and began to meditate. He brought himself to speak to the gods and asked that they watch over the hunters, and give them bounty. The gods heard, but said nothing in reply. Silent. Atharex knew Ryghan’s skill, so he did not worry in the least.


Reading At an Open Mic

Here is some wonderful writerly advice. I’ve been writing since before Windows XP, back in the days of 1997. Of course I was much younger than a lot less knowledgable.

I’ve found that by reading out loud, I’ve see inconsistencies and points of clarification that need to happen in my work. I become inspired to rewrite, and ideas swirl around in my head while I’m reading. I’ve also become bored while reading my work, and what does that say about the audience or the reader when it’s placed in front of them? You too can discover the powerful form of reading out loud for re-vision.

Find an open mic, find anywhere you can read your work aloud. You say there aren’t any near you? I’m hosting one in the San Gabriel Valley in beautiful downtown Glendora at the Village Book Shop 2:30pm Saturday June 26th (123 N Glendora Ave, Glendora, CA 91741). So if you’re in the area, you should come by and read. If you don’t, try to find a local bookstore, or library and see if they offer events like an open mic reading. If not, host your own!

Creating community as a writer is not always easy. Many people think of writers as hiding in dark, dank rooms behind a typewriter or the soft glow of a computer screen. That may be how we write (on occasion), but that does not get our work the light of day. We must go forth and find readers, or meet agents, or talk to other people. If you’re a writer, you know this deep down inside.

So take your baby, your work in progress, and give her a nice polish then take her out for a walk and a reading. Share your words with the world. And remember, speaking is different than reading.

First Ever Teaser

The following excerpt is from my WIP, The Heir of Illuminations. This is part of the first chapter. I hope you all enjoy the teaser!

The six sinuous shapes retreated around the garden, careful not to double back on their path, avoiding the path they had taken earlier, watching ever so careful the path ahead. The late hour, the darkness, covered them more than necessary. Upon reaching the hills, one turned back and looked at the sleeping Vale. Never before had they had less time, never before had the mission been successful.

The silhouettes faded into one large darker darkness. The hills faded behind the soft purr of the vessel, they rose and rose, watching the land fall away below. Oh yes, they would have him in time. They would have them all in time. Smiling as the land shrunk, he knew he had performed well. The shapes became bathed in soft light after a moment, the darkness falling from their skins, revealing what the world had not seen for Ages. The Ones That Had Been Cast Away.